John’s gearhead page

I love reading about other peoples guitar gear so I thought I'd share mine with you.

I carry way much too much gear with me for most of the venues we play, but unlike perhaps someone who owns a Picasso painting and then sticks it in a vault, I'm lucky enough to own some decent vintage equipment and I want to get it out on the road and use it!

Since 2009 I have been using this rig:

Fender Vibro-King
My main amp is the fantastic Fender Vibro-King (as used by Pete Townshend)

Current Stage Amps

Vox amp, Fender amp and rack

I use two amps partly to ensure I have a spare in case one of them goes down. (Both are tube amps and because they are a bit like a hot, pulsing, living organism sometimes they get sick!). They also have distinctively different sounds and qualities.

I can switch between the two using the Loopmaster switch or for a monster sound have the guitar signal going to both at once.

Prior to 2009 my rig looked like this:



In the rack (top to bottom)


On the floor (left to right)




I have a bunch of different guitars; mainly the classic stuff like Gibson, Rickies and Fender, but I usually only take three out to gigs: