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One of the best things about this band is their varied song list. Whilst regularly pumping out loud rockers, there are plenty of songs to dance to, alongside some real contrasts, with songs like Floyd's Comfortably Numb and U2's With or Without You often finding their way into the set. We have now built up a repertoire of about 50 possibilities, so no two gigs are the same - which keeps the band, and the travelling faithful, fresh. Many songs by artists such as Led Zeppelin, Free, Oasis, Deep Purple, AC/DC, The Who, Clapton, Stereophonics, U2, Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol and The Rolling Stones are selected for the Bad Dog treatment, and we pride ourselves on performing well-known covers that break the mould a bit and which are rarely heard on the circuit.

Despite being serious about the music though, our main motivation is having a good time ourselves, enjoying the gigs and giving our audience a lively performance so they will have a good time. It's amazing how many young people at our gigs love classic rock music, and maybe bands like us play a part in bringing some welcome relief from the overwhelming tide of computer-generated, throwaway pop music.

There are quite a few bands playing rock covers in the area, so Bad Dog work hard to give that bit extra. We take pride in our discriminating song selection, wide variety of material, dynamic harmonies and professional attitude. We take our commitments seriously and can be counted on to show up as scheduled, on time, and ready to perform. Every performance is treated with equal importance - no matter what the size of the venue we're playing in. Importantly, we always work with the landlord/promoter on issues such as volume and timing, to ensure that together we give the punters what they want.

The whole band always try to provide the best possible experience for the audience, by launching into every show with enthusiasm and energy.

Bad Dog
Bad Dog are (L-R):
Jon (keys), James (drums and backing vocals), John (lead guitar and vocals),
Mike (drums), Pete (bass and acoustic guitars)
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...and Ruth (vocals)

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Stage setup

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